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First-of-its-Kind Solution Rewards Parents and Kids for Making Healthy Choices

Survey Reveals Many Moms and Dads Need Help Following Through on Healthy Living


Thursday, June 7, 2012 11:08 am EDT



Public Company Information:

"The time constraints of parenthood often make it difficult for parents to model a healthy lifestyle for their children"

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new survey by HumanaVitality LLC, a comprehensive wellness solution that incentivizes people to make healthier choices, revealed that while 84 percent of U.S. parents say their families motivate them to work out or make smart eating choices1, their behaviors may be undercutting their desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, 64 percent acknowledge serving their family unhealthy foods because it’s more convenient.1

In response, HumanaVitality and The Vitality Group have introduced Vitality Kids™, the first wellness solution that enables kids (aged 17 and under), in addition to parents, to earn points for participating in healthy activities. Here’s how it works:

  • Parents complete the age adjusted child health assessment to gain insight into their child’s well-being.
  • Kids start earning Vitality Points for eligible activities such as receiving immunizations and flu shots, participating in team sports, and attending health education classes with parents.
  • Families redeem their collective Vitality Points (earned by both parents and kids for taking part in healthy activities) in the Vitality Mall™, choosing from items including movie tickets, music downloads, electronics and hotel stays.

“The time constraints of parenthood often make it difficult for parents to model a healthy lifestyle for their children,” said HumanaVitality CEO Joe Woods. “That’s why Vitality Kids is a great extension of our solution – it helps parents and kids stay engaged in, and get rewarded for, healthy lifestyle decisions.”

Francois Millard, Chief Actuary for The Vitality Group added, “Vitality recognizes the importance of making wellness a family priority. A key part of this new program offering is a clinically verified health assessment tool designed to help parents identify their child’s current health status and lifestyle risk factors to get an instant snapshot of their overall health and well-being.”

The Vitality Kids health assessment asks parents questions about their child in five key areas: body mass index (calculated based on height and weight), physical activity, screen time, nutrition and sleep. Based on the results, parents receive recommendations regarding activities their child can complete to stay healthy and earn Vitality Points™.

“While we consider ourselves generally healthy parents, the health assessment for kids revealed a few areas where we could help our son be even healthier,” said Cheri Greenfield, a Humana associate and parent who recently used the kids’ health assessment. “We learned that while we monitor our son’s television viewing time, we also needed to evaluate the total amount of time that he was sedentary in front of a screen—including computers, smart phone and gaming devices—and the health assessment helped us effectively measure this time. Since we’ve made a few small changes, we’ve noticed our son is more focused in school. The health assessment continues to be a guide for us as we make healthy choices as a family.”

In the United States, both HumanaVitality and The Vitality Group are the licensees for the Vitality wellness solution. HumanaVitality is currently integrated as part of Humana’s medical plan offerings for all of its commercial fully insured and individual members within approved states. More than 1.4 million HumanaVitality members have earned nearly 353 million Vitality Points. As of July 1, 2012, employers without Humana medical insurance have the option to implement HumanaVitality when paired with Humana’s coaching services.

The Vitality group provides the Vitality program as a stand-alone wellness option to large and/or self-funded U.S. employer groups. As of May 1, 2012, The Vitality Group has approximately 280,000 members in a national wellness network with high levels of engagement.

About HumanaVitality

HumanaVitalitySM LLC, headquartered in Chicago, is a joint venture between Humana and Discovery Holdings, Ltd. Humana partnered with Discovery because of its 13 years of worldwide reputable experience using behavioral, clinical and actuarial science to motivate individuals to make healthier choices. By integrating rewards with health, HumanaVitality provides the tools and support necessary to help Humana members live healthier lives and furthers Humana’s Dream to Help People Achieve Lifelong Well-BeingSM.

About The Vitality Group

The Vitality Group LLC is a member of Discovery Holdings Limited. Vitality wellness programs serve more than 3.5 million members worldwide in companies in a wide range of sizes and industry categories, improving individuals’ health and well-being as well as employers’ bottom lines. In America, numerous forward-thinking companies are joining global organizations in the United Kingdom and South Africa who together are proving the effectiveness of the Vitality health enhancement solution in reducing healthcare costs.

About Humana

Humana Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Ky., is a leading health care company that offers a wide range of insurance products and health and wellness services that incorporate an integrated approach to lifelong well-being. By leveraging the strengths of its core businesses, Humana believes it can better explore opportunities for existing and emerging adjacencies in health care that can further enhance wellness opportunities for the millions of people across the nation with whom the company has relationships.

More information regarding Humana is available to investors via the Investor Relations page of the company’s web site at www.humana.com, including copies of:

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1 The HumanaVitality survey was conducted to determine differences and similarities in parents’ health and wellness habits. Fielded by StrategyOne in February 2012, study surveyed 1,001 American parents (aged 25 and older) nationwide via phone. Survey findings have +/- 3 percent margin of error.


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