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Humana Advises Members on Zika Virus Prevention

Members can take simple steps to reduce their risk of being exposed to the virus


Wednesday, July 13, 2016 1:30 pm EDT



Public Company Information:

"Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] website to determine if you’re in an area where Zika has been found."

LOUISVILLE, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) recognizes that the Zika virus is a concern for its members and is working actively to stay aware of its progression and take appropriate measures to help members. As with the flu, there are simple ways that people can protect themselves.

Most people infected with Zika have no symptoms, but some have fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes; the symptoms are usually mild and last several days to a week. However, Zika virus infection during pregnancy can cause a serious birth defect called microcephaly, as well as other severe fetal brain defects.

In addition, a condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome, a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks part of the nervous system, can be triggered by Zika in a small proportion of infections. And recently, a potential link between Zika and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), a condition that can result in a multiple sclerosis-like syndrome for up to six months, has been described.

“The first step is to find out if you’re in an area where you could be exposed to Zika, and then take the right actions to protect yourself,” said Dr. Roy Beveridge, Chief Medical Officer at Humana. “Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] website to determine if you’re in an area where Zika has been found.”

So far, the Zika virus has been spread primarily by the Aedes aegypti species mosquito, but the virus can also be transmitted through blood transfusions, through sexual contact with an infected man, or from a pregnant woman to her unborn child. In addition, a recent study suggests Zika may also be spread by oral sex.

What can you do now?

Find information at the CDC’s Zika virus site: www.cdc.gov/ZIKA.

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