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Humana's Dr. Sam Benjamin Gives Consumers Eight Keys to Good Health


Thursday, July 6, 2006 4:44 pm EDT



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"A person's health and the investment they make in it are dependent on making informed and wise choices"
LOUISVILLE, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 6, 2006--

  Hear his messages on his radio show in eight cities in English and Spanish  

Exercise, proper nutrition and illness prevention are among the ways touted to maintaining good health. Dr. Samuel Benjamin, corporate medical director of integrative health strategies for Humana and host of his own radio program "The Dr. Sam Show," suggests eight keys to healthy living, which can be found, in detail, on his web site at www.drsamshow.com.

"A person's health and the investment they make in it are dependent on making informed and wise choices," said Dr. Benjamin. "Health care is more than medical diagnoses and procedures. It's also about building trusting relationships with physicians, actively maintaining healthy behaviors such as eating properly and exercising, and understanding the connection between the mind, body and spirit."

These are among the eight keys that serve as guideposts to help consumers take a comprehensive, holistic approach to better managing their health. The eight keys are:

1. Being a smart health care consumer

2. Using the health care system appropriately

3. Actively preventing illness

4. Exercising at any age

5. Eating a healthy diet

6. Understanding the mind-body connection

7. Avoiding environmental pollutants

8. Valuing spirituality and religion

Each of these keys to healthy living is packed with information and tips about overall health, staying motivated to be active and fit, as well as specifics on measures to take that add value to a person's overall well being.

Dr. Benjamin knows first-hand how difficult maintaining good healthy behaviors can be. More than a year ago he lost 100 pounds through proper diet and exercise. While he has gained some of the weight back, he continues his regimen of regular exercise and healthy eating and advocates these healthy habits for consumers of all ages.

More information on the stations and cities where you can hear the Dr. Sam Show is also available on his web site at www.drsamshow.com.

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Samuel Benjamin, MD., corporate medical director for Integrative Health Strategies at Humana and host of the Dr. Sam Show (Photo: Business Wire)


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