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``No Worry'' from Humana Makes Health Care Costs Predictable for Small Businesses

New, three-year health insurance packages cap annual premium increases at 6 percent or lower


Thursday, September 13, 2007 10:05 am EDT



Public Company Information:


LOUISVILLE, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Addressing the particular challenges faced by small businesses, Humana Inc. (NYSE: HUM) has launched a series of new health insurance packages designed to alleviate the financial stresses of increasing health insurance costs. Dubbed No Worry, these packages offer predictable health care expenses over a three-year period and plans that gradually transition passive health care users into informed and active health care consumers.

Humana is now offering No Worry to employers in 17 states Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

Available for businesses with 51-99 employees(1), employers may select one of several three-year No Worry packages. Each package presents a unique combination of predetermined health insurance plans for years one, two and three. The program provides information and tools that then lead employees toward increased consumer engagement. For example, a No Worry package might include a traditional PPO plan in year one, Humanas consumer-engaging CoverageFirst plan in year two, and a high-deductible health plan compatible with a Health Savings Account (HSA) in year three.

With No Worry, Humana guarantees the annual premium rate increase for medical insurance will not exceed 6 percent for the two subsequent years. Employers can qualify for an even lower 4.5 percent medical premium rate cap in the second and third years by adding dental coverage and meeting other requirements such as having 90 percent of their employees complete a Humana Health Assessment.

No Worry was developed in response to feedback from small businesses and independent insurance agents and brokers.

We asked small-business owners what their key worries were with respect to health benefits for their employees, and the same concepts resurfaced again and again, said Jerry Ganoni, president of Humana Small Business, HumanaDental and HumanaOne. They want predictability, a long-term solution to rising costs and a hassle-free process. We listened. At its heart, thats what Humanas No Worry packages offer.

Three-year contracts eliminate the need for benefit selection each year, saving small employers valuable time and energy. The rate-increase cap ensures predictable health-benefits costs, enabling more accurate budgeting and long-term financial planning for small businesses. Humanas consumer-driven tools and programs encourage behavior changes that result in wiser health care consumers and healthier, more productive employees, and our rate guarantee demonstrates that, Ganoni added.

In addition, employers can add dental and/or life insurance to their No Worry package, and Humana will guarantee that the annual rate increase for dental will not exceed 2.9 percent in years two and three, and that there will be no annual rate increase for basic life insurance in the second and third years.

More information about No Worry is available at www.Humana-NoWorry.com.

(1) In Louisiana, employers with 36-99 employees qualify for No Worry. In Tennessee, employers with 26-99 employees qualify for No Worry.

About Humana

Humana Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the nations largest publicly traded health benefits companies, with approximately 11.3 million medical members. Humana offers a diversified portfolio of health insurance products and related services through traditional and consumer-choice plans to employer groups, government-sponsored plans, and individuals.

Over its 46-year history, Humana has consistently seized opportunities to meet changing customer needs. Today, the company is a leader in consumer engagement, providing guidance that leads to lower costs and a better health plan experience throughout its diversified customer portfolio.

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